Tradition and technical progress in tool making

JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH is proud to look back upon long-standing experience in tool making. When it comes to the manufacturing of tools and forms, the use of modern technology has increased constantly. Nonetheless, know-how and traditional handiwork still continue to play an important role. In order to make the processes in tool making as efficient as possible and to cater to the customers’ requirements for fast processing times as well as high transparency, various technical advancements arrived at JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH. On the one hand, the in-house design department ISPA Engineering changed to 3D designs. To this end, the designers use the simulation software Catia V5. Subsequently, on the other hand, paperless production was introduced to the shop floor. This enables tool makers and technicians to access all data necessary for production at every machine on separate terminals. That way information such as parts lists, work instructions or plans are readily available. Moreover, this facilitates communication between design and production considerably, thus creating a central platform for the exchange of information.