JoRe Werkzeugbau is now TISAX certified

Data protection is a key issue affecting companies in all industries these days. The protection of sensitive data is very important, especially for toolmaking companies. We are pleased that we recently received the TISAX certification.

TISAX stands for “Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange” and is a standard for information security in the automotive industry. Developed by the ENX Association, TISAX is a recognized framework for assessing and certifying the information security of companies. TISAX certification is an important step to ensure confidential information and customer data is better protected against theft or loss.

With digitalization, companies are increasingly confronted with cyber attacks and data leaks. Our customers trust that their data is safe with us. With the TISAX certification, we can further strengthen this trust. Certification was a demanding process that required a lot of work and dedication. Various aspects of information security are assessed during the certification process, including:

  1. Data management and protection
  2. Access control and authentication
  3. Incident management and responsiveness
  4. IT infrastructure and network security
  5. Employee training and awareness raising

To check the validity of our TISAX certification, you can query the following data in the ENX portal:

Participant ID: P7PK63
Scope ID: S2YT9L
Location ID: LXYC0M
Security Level: 2

For more information or questions about the TISAX certification, we are always at your disposal.